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Abstract Art Group Exhibition - June 2019

Elizabeth James Gallery, 10 Portland Road, London SE25 4PF

Naomi was invited to exhibit five pieces at this abstract group show, which also featured the work of Max Gottlieb, SOMA, Vicky Paul and Mark Thompson.

Artist's Open House - November 2018

Offered a private viewing of new and unfinished works on canvas, available for purchase direct from the artist.

Artist's Open House - June 2018

Offered a private viewing of digital works, with limited edition gićlee prints available for purchase direct from the artist.

SPECTRUM - October 2017

Gaunson House, Markfield Road, London N15 4QQ

SPECTRUM encouraged people to consider how they see and interpret things. It welcomed and embraced multiple points of view and posed the following questions:

  • Is perception fixed to an individual vantage point or can it be altered, if one shifts their focus?

  • Does experiencing additional points of view change mindset?

  • To see: sight - is this literal or metaphorical?

  • Is it possible to see the world in a different light, if we change our perspective?

  • Will our world vision improve, if we embrace the complete spectrum?

We are separate and unique, yet we are also one of many - we merge and exist together. This merging, of the global spectrum, just as the spectrum of colours in a rainbow, has the ability to produce light and enable vision.

The pieces, married together the vibrant colours of the rainbow, with the more neutral tones of black, white and grey. Each work used colour and tone to provoke acceptance, inclusivity and the expanse of one’s current mindset.


MIND + BODY - July 2016

Gaunson House, Markfield Road, London N15 4QQ

In MIND + BODY, Naomi utilised a mixed medium of acrylic and ink to create striking images with a feminist leaning. It explored the relationship between the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. 


The Body works are vital, vivacious, sensuous and feminine. However, thought, tactility and movement are debilitated by the exclusion of head, hands and feet. 


The Mind pieces depict a mix of chaos, confusion, creativity and consciousness. Freewill without physicality, intellect without objectification. 


Whether fragmented or unified, discordant or harmonious; the mind/body partnership is the very essence of our human being.